Posted on Apr 25, 2020

St John Vianney R C Church

Third Sunday of Easter Year A

Acts 2:14,22-23
1 Peter 1:17-21
Luke 24:13-35

Today’s gospel reading will be very difficult for us this year, for in it the disciples recognise Jesus “in the breaking of the bread”, that exact act which we are being prevented from taking part in by the present pandemic. In this most loved of the resurrection appearances of the Lord there is clearly a sign of the eucharistic presence of Jesus – he who on our journey on the road of life, on our pilgrimage, feeds us with himself in the scriptures and in his Body and Blood given to us in the eucharistic sacrifice of the mass.
Let’s just take a while to reflect on some of this gospel passage and see if it can help us to bring some good out of this present situation.
First of all we are told that the disciples had faces that were downcast. The followers of Jesus seemingly had all of their hopes dashed. They had seen in Jesus the Messiah, the Christ, the anointed one of God who would lead his people and free them from the yoke of oppression. And yet he had died a terrible death upon the Cross and all their hopes had come to naught. But the Lord appears at their side, an apparent stranger, and gradually, slowly, he opens their eyes to the reality of the situation in which they find themselves. He opens the scriptures for them and to them, showing them how it was predestined that the Christ would suffer, die and rise to new life, ... to continue reading go to
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